An important announcement: new year, new us

Welcome to Stink Studios

Some news:

Effective today, we’re changing our name from Stinkdigital to Stink Studios.

As part of the change, we’re also combining forces with Stink’s content vertical (which was already known as Stink Studios) to become a fully integrated company that offers robust content and interactive disciplines. The move brings all of our creative, production, design and technology talent together under one roof. Under this new banner, we’ll offer a turbocharged content service in which we’ll invest with a series of key in-house hires as well as the buildout of our own production facilities in key offices. (Stink Studios’ model for content will revolve around in-house and off-roster talent. Any film, commercials, branded entertainment and music videos work whose requirements are director-led will continue to be run out of Stink Films.)

Stink Annoucement Visual 1

Myself, Dan-Scott Croxford and James Britton will be guiding the day-to-day operations of Stink Studios’ six offices and 125+ staff, working into Stink CEO James Morris and Stink Founder and President Daniel Bergmann.

In addition to the fifteen Stink Studios v1.0 creatives, EPs, producers, editors and directors who have become part of the larger team in London, Belinda Reichle joins our Brooklyn staff as a content-focused Executive Producer. Belinda’s hire marks the beginning of an ambitious roadmap that will see us add to our content-creation capabilities so that we can deliver more work like this, this and this in every market. Look for more job opportunities and appointments in the coming weeks.

While the move bolsters our content capabilities, it's also worth mentioning that the existing creative, design and technology practices that made Stinkdigital such a strong brand will remain completely and totally intact going forward. This is truly a strategic union; not a single staff member from either company will be leaving as a result of this move.

So, why the name change and the unification of two companies?

Three reasons:

Reason 1: ‘Digital’ no longer describes the full breadth of what we do

In addition to our usual schedule of work over the past eighteen months, Stinkdigital executed out of home campaigns for Twitter and Spotify, a TVC and D/OOH campaign for Pinterest, a few large scale influencer content campaigns for Android and Sony, and a heavily trafficked retail installation for a major global fashion brand. It’s all been fun and rewarding work that our team has executed with a high degree of creativity and craft, but none of it could be considered traditionally ‘digital’.

Beyond that, ‘digital’ itself has become an increasingly ugly word, one that’s seemed less and less futureproof by the day.

You know those legacy stereo stores with names like “Hi-Fi 2001”? Having ‘digital’ in our name was starting to feel a bit like that.

Reason 2: It simplifies our story

Stinkdigital is part of a larger global independent network called Stink. Stink is an enterprising organization, but sometimes that entrepreneurial spirit creates a sprawl of companies that can be difficult to quickly explain.

By combining our interactive and content verticals into one company, we will make both companies stronger together than they ever would be separately, whilst simplifying our story so that it’s easier for the outside world to understand and digest.

From this day onward, there is simply Stink Films (for director-led films and moving image) and Stink Studios (for everything else).


Reason 3: Change is good and necessary

As our industry changes and as clients’ needs evolve, it’s more important than ever that we’re able to be evolve at speed. Our vision is to build a company capable of creating immersive interactive experiences, exceptional branding and design work, and well-crafted, memorable content with equal ability and craft.

By committing to the build-out of a content production capability that’s on par with our existing award-winning practices, and by updating our brand to more accurately reflect the reality of our day-to-day, we’re one step closer to realizing our vision of a global, production-focused studio that can do all of those things.

'Stinkdigital', you’ve served us well, but it’s time for the next chapter.

Here’s to something new.

— Mark Pytlik