Introducing Pinterest's first ever UK campaign

Using contextual and dynamic executions to illustrate “everyday wins”

If Facebook is for people, Twitter is for news and Instagram is for photos, then Pinterest is for ideas. So how do you develop a campaign for a platform with over 3 billion of them?

Our latest work for Pinterest debuted on UK TV last week. It marks the start of a campaign that will be ongoing for the rest of the year, with hundreds of unique TVC, OOH and DOOH executions.

Designed around a platform of “little everyday wins”, each execution in the campaign will start with a need and then show how Pinterest’s catalogue of ideas serves to answer that need firsthand. From dealing with toddler tantrums to deciding what to have for dinner, Pinterest is a platform that inspires us with new ways to do things, offering real solutions to real problems.

The campaign was built to play out in realtime and reflect what’s happening in the real world. We might talk about a tube strike, a heatwave, festival season, or some other topical and newsworthy event. Each search will be visualised with real content and delivered hyper-locally, where each message resonates the most.

The first TV spots demonstrate the dynamic and contextual nature of the campaign. Working alongside Mediacom and Channel 4, we grabbed lines directly from certain TV shows and transformed them into bespoke ads that played in the ensuing commercial breaks.

The first ad, which aired during British cooking show Hemsley + Hemsley, featured as Creativity’s Editor’s Pick last week.

The campaign also rolls out as an Outdoor campaign across the UK.

— Cameron Temple