New Hires: Jen Nichols

Key hire joins growing NY leadership

We ask a lot of our Executive Producers. They're on speed dial to put out fires both inside and outside of Stink, manage everything from software builds to global marketing strategies, and rarely bask in the glory of a launched campaign or product release because they're already knee deep planning the next one.

After logging substantial hours at Brooklyn Roasting Company meeting with a wide range of extremely cool and well-qualified candidates from all different backgrounds, we are elated to have finally met the perfect fit in Jen Nichols.

Jen comes to Stink after serving as VP, Executive Producer at Rokkan where she played a key role in process development while delivering world class product experiences alongside Fortune 500 businesses. Mentorship of up-and-coming Producers is a particular area of interest and experience for Jen, something that really made her stand out.

A lifelong ballet fanatic (and former dancer), we expect excellent form and a lightness of foot from Jen, who is already feeling right at home alongside our rock solid team of business leads.

– Chris Mele