New hires: Olivier Gillaizeau and Anthony Méric

NY adds product design and motion specialists

Olivier Gillaizeau Anthony Meric Hero 1000x498

If there's one thing we can't get enough of in our NY studio, it's people from France. To wit, Olivier Gillaizeau and Anthony Méric have joined Stinkdigital, strengthening our product design and motion capabilities as an important part of our process for designing usable, useful and entertaining interactive experiences.

A boomerang hire, Olivier Gillaizeau left Stinkdigital in the fall of 2015 to lead product design at Kickstarter in Greenpoint. He has also served as an Art Director at Hello Monday.

With a diverse background in visual design, interaction design and motion, Olivier will be leading larger scale builds as our first Associate Creative Director. A connoisseur of French hip hop, Instagram Corgis and Major League Baseball, marketing is actually the Gillaizeau family business, as both Olivier's mother and father have worked in the industry. We're thrilled to welcome him back to the action. It just wasn't the same without him.

Anthony Méric joins us from Nürun Paris, where as Lead Motion Designer his projects received international recognition, including the Adobe Cutting Edge Award for his 3D and motion work launching a new flavor of SPECIAL.T tea in full webGL.

As a lover of sport and a student of Goshindo, Anthony is Stinkdigital NY's first Martial Artist, which has increased our overall sense of security when passing Brooklyn United and Red Antler in the hallway.

He's pumped to be the newest member of the team, and we're in turn excited to show him around DUMBO.

-Chris Mele