Say hello to RITA, our real-time cloud rendering platform

Personalised video for mobile delivered in real-time, at low cost

RITA can be used to personalise a video to feature elements such as a user’s name, photos, unique data, content from social networks — anything you can think of. It’s also possible to combine any number of scenes to create unique videos from existing assets, in real time, or to create workflows that generate multiple assets (such as a personalized video, poster image and share image) from a single request.

Below is a recent example for John Frieda...

This platform has been built to enable many additional techniques, including:

  • 2D and 3D tracking of custom content
  • Dynamic 360˚ video
  • Layer-based compositing (e.g. adding realistic reflections and shadows onto dynamic content)
  • Intelligent text layout and rendering, including conventionally tricky languages such as Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic
  • Filters and special effects

Motion Designers and VFX Artists can use RITA seamlessly in conjunction with the full expression of industry standard software like After Effects and Cinema 4D:

RITA can even be run locally on a laptop, so creatives can see exactly what a final result might look like without having to upload bulky assets to the cloud.

While each RITA server is individually very fast (rendering time depends on the complexity of the scene, but we aim for around 10x real-time), the true power comes from its massive scalability. If you need to support more concurrent renders, you simply add more servers. RITA's architecture is specifically designed for cloud platforms like Google App Engine or Amazon EC2, which makes scaling to handle sudden bursts of traffic simple, economical and robust. Rendered videos can then be streamed straight from the platform or uploaded directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Amazon S3.

We’ve used RITA internally on a number of high profile projects over the past months. At the height of activity during Strava’s 2015 Story, it successfully rendered over 36,000 videos per hour.

We'll be publishing a more robust case study on RITA soon, but in the meantime, if you have questions about licensing or want to use it in a project, contact us at

In the meantime, check out some recent Stink Studios projects that use RITA here.

And keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming WebGL player that uses the same structure...

— Arpad Ray