Stink Studios joins Pledge Parental Leave

Raising the baseline for parents in America

One of the best things about seeing Stink Studios mature as a company over the years has been seeing many of our staff become parents. In our early days, we only had a few Moms and Dads on the team; nowadays, the Stink Studios extended family runs deep, and gets bigger every month.

We take it as a point of pride to try and create a work culture that’s conducive to parents, but anyone who works in the US knows that America has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to parental leave. While parental entitlements vary from state to state, on the whole, America’s baseline for parental leave pales in comparison to that of other first world nations. An April 2015 study by the Pew Research Centre showed the U.S. to be the only one out of of 41 developed nations to lack paid parental leave. Although California and New York are leading the charge for reform, we’re still years away from anything resembling parity.

Stink Studios is thrilled to be formally signing on to the Pledge Parental Leave initiative. Established by our peers in the creative industries, PPL is a simple program that challenges American employers to raise the level for parental entitlements by pledging to provide the following services for all new parents:

  • 3 months paid time off
  • 3 months uninterrupted medical insurance
  • 6 months job security

We’re beyond honored to add our names to the pledge.

Find out more about PledgePL here.

-Mark Pytlik