What if everyone is doing it wrong?

We talk digital creative with Dr. Byron Sharp in Cannes this Sunday

In November of last year, FT Magazine published a longread on advertising’s current state of affairs called "How the Mad Men lost the plot.." The article, which is both dazzling and damning, and which you should read immediately, questions our industry’s accepted beliefs about the merits of mass marketing vs digital marketing whilst also highlighting the numerous and surprising insights from Dr. Byron Sharp’s quietly incendiary book, How Brands Grow.

Sharp is a Professor of Marketing Sciences at the University of South Australia, and his book skillfully deploys a host of empirical evidence to bust all kinds of myths about what really ’works’ in advertising. The persuasiveness of his arguments and the extent to which he thinks many marketers’ philosophies are flat-out wrong makes for compelling reading, but for those of us in digital, How Brands Grow begs as many questions as it answers.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’re hosting a one-on-one discussion with Dr. Sharp at the Cannes Lions Festival. If you're here on Sunday and you care about the future of digital creative, come join us at the Lumiere Theatre at 4pm. We’ll learn more about Dr. Sharp's work and discuss what his empirical findings say about the world of digital creative.

Read more about the panel here. If you can’t make it, you can always submit questions for Dr. Sharp to Stinkdigital on Facebook and Twitter.

— Mark Pytlik