Work that invites active attention

Welcome to the new

Our industry spends a lot of time obsessing over what to call ourselves. We’re production companies, agencies, studios, shops, houses, firms and ateliers. Some of us live at the intersection of X and Y. Many of us are innovators. A few of us are agitators. These days, it seems like we’re all storytellers. (Stefan Sagmeister begs to differ.)

The process of chewing through the semantics and debating the nuances of every word in a company positioning is essential to the formation of any culture’s identity and spirit, but sometimes it feels like we collectively spend too much time thinking about what to call ourselves and not enough time articulating why we do what we do.

Our work has changed a lot over the last 6 years. Since opening in 2009, we’ve expanded our remit from interactive films, large-scale platforms and microsites to include everything from strategy and campaign work to installations and VR experiences. While there have been many moments throughout this stretch where it would have been appropriate to refine our what, the why of Stinkdigital has never changed.

Our mission was then as it is today: to move the needle for our clients by making work that people truly want to spend time with. We call this ideal “active attention”, and it’s the guiding force behind everything we do.

Why active attention?

The internet is an attention economy, but not all attention is created equal. In marketing, attention can be stolen, or bought, or faked. Active attention is our way of defining the work that audiences are happy to see. We believe in a future where work that invites active attention will be the only work worth making. We can all contribute to that future by creating things that are beautiful, entertaining, useful, and anything but boring.

Welcome to the new, and check out our brand new 2016 showreel below.

— Mark Pytlik