The Nibbles Boutique


The world's first live online popup shop, stocked with free limited edition scarves designed by fashion Giles Deacon. Result: total madness.

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To help promote Nibbles to a more calorie conscious crowd, we helped launched the world’s first real-time, online pop-up store, where we offered limited-edition scarves created by renowned designer Giles Deacon. To obtain a free scarf, consumers had to first locate a ‘secret’ online store, represented by a live popup widget that traveled across different fashion blogs and retail websites every few hours over a two-day period. The store’s locations included and, and were revealed through cryptic clues provided on Facebook and Twitter. Customers who discovered the widgets could register to wait in a virtual queue.

If they reached the front, the widget switched to a live stream of a physical store, where real-life shop assistants greeted the user for a live video discussion and packaged a scarf for delivery to the user's address provided. Through a chat function provided on the widget, users could send comments and queries to the assistants, who responded directly via in-store cameras and microphones. The assistants were based in a physical store on London’s Carnaby Street, which displayed the scarves in its window but could not be entered by passers-by.

In addition to building the widget, the queueing logic and the customer service front-end that assistants used to interact with the lucky winners, we also managed the live stream and sourced and dressed the popup location for the event.


Hypernaked, London

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