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We partnered with the popular music site Pitchfork to create their first ever native iOS app, Pitchfork Weekly.

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Pitchfork is now officially the number one most viewed music publication on the planet. It publishes tens of thousands of words per week; while the site has tons of daily readers, this can feel very overwhelming to readers who visit the site on a more frequent basis. The goal with Pitchfork Weekly was to help Pitchfork create a more editorially-curated experience for their users who don't have enough time to comb through everything on a daily basis. Designed in Cocoa specifically for iOS7 on iPhone, iPad Mini and regular iPads and featuring retina support, the free app captures top content from Pitchfork in an easy to digest mobile and tablet app.

Taking our lead from imagery-led print publications, we created Pitchfork Weekly with a clean, minimal UI that allows Pitchfork's content and subject matter to shine. The app begins with a cluster of images, all related to stories from the most recent week. A simple and intuitive browsing mechanic displays article metadata on vertical scroll. Individual article views contain all relevant photos, graphics and links, and also include working song and video embeds. Users in this view also have the option to scroll left or right for new stories. They can also filter the week's stories according to type (News, Review, Feature, etc), and all viewed data is cached for future offline reading.

Finally, the app also contains exclusive content from Pitchfork in the form of a weekly podcast and a separate mix of the week’s best tracks.

Here's more from Pitchfork's recent press release on this historic app:

*Pitchfork Weekly will highlight the best of Pitchfork's editorial content (including reviews, features, columns, and audio) in addition to exclusive videos and original programming from Pitchfork.TV. Exclusive to the app, Pitchfork Weekly will also feature staff-produced podcasts ranging from talk about the week in music to mixes of notable tracks.

Pitchfork Weekly offers an opportunity for readers to have a totally immersive experience with Pitchfork’s original content in an offline environment.... With the pace of the web, it can sometimes be difficult to slow down and engage with great writing, and the sheer amount of words that we publish each week can be overwhelming. Pitchfork Weekly allows for a more focused reading experience, while at the same time taking advantage of the multimedia possibilities tablet and mobile apps provide.*


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