Perfecting the Journey


Creating TUMI’s most viewed global brand campaign to date

In preparing for their first-ever global brand campaign, TUMI engaged Stink Studios to elevate the existing platform they called “Perfecting the Journey.” While a brand film was the cornerstone, we knew that a richer product story could be told by bolstering the film with an integrated campaign. To do this, we revisited the entire strategy behind the types of content TUMI produced – and how they all worked together – which resulted in TUMI’s most-viewed brand film to date and a 26% awareness lift.

Working with our partners at TUMI, we analyzed their content strategy, the relationship between brand and product, and the culture and internal infrastructures that brought these things to life. We also conducted external research to get a better sense of TUMI's global audience, their needs, and existing brand perception, which created our foundational market insights.

We then worked with our media partners and TUMI’s regional market managers to execute a rollout plan that delivered the elements of our campaign story into the context of the everyday, ranging from digital OOH in Seoul to connected TV ads during the Super Bowl, thanks to a resonant global narrative with regional hooks.

Function as Freedom

Our strategy work led to the insight that TUMI's well-considered products helped reduce the inevitable friction of the travel experience, in turn contributing to a lifetime of freer journeys.

For the launch of TUMI’s heritage Alpha 3 collection,we expressed this freedom through a journey with Zoë Kravitz and Lenny Kravitz as they reconnected over a visit to their ancestral home on the island of Eleuthera in The Bahamas. In this intimate capture, we worked with Stink Films director Eliot Rausch to create a film that explores how choice punctuates freedom, and how the mutual exchange between generations is what truly defines a life well lived.

The Spring/Summer ‘19 season set the tone for TUMI in 2019, starting with the global launch of the Alpha 3 collection. To accompany the 3:00 master film, Stink Studios executed a set of cutdowns and affiliate assets to fill a four-month content plan.

The visual language for this seasonal campaign – called “Horizons” – presents the photography captured in conjunction with the film in a style that matches the timelessness of the Alpha 3 product. We employed it to design over 250 unique assets appearing across, digital ads, print, OOH, in-store, and both TUMI and talent organic social channels.

Campaign guidelines – both digital and print – were developed as a leave behind for the variety of teams at TUMI responsible for extending the visual language into other internal initiatives, media applications, and regional market needs.

The four-month campaign resulted in a 26% awareness lift, with our master film garnering 181.2MM impressions (+24% over plan), 64.8MM video views > :03 (+125% over plan), 34.8MM video completions, and 313.7k total clicks to site (+233% over plan). The campaign was ultimately featured in both advertising and industry publications.