27 Rosiers

Inside Out Beauty

Bringing a new Parisian skincare brand to life.

When Kevin and Stephanie, the co-founder of 27 Rosiers, contacted us, we were excited to work together in order to build the new age of French Skincare. There brand, based on a unique vision of beauty, is carrying an idea of Health & Beauty : When you feel it on the inside, you’ll see it on the outside.

That’s the whole idea of the brand original concept : a line made up of skincares and food supplements working full circle thanks to a common core blend and super ingredient boosting the effects.

For us, the obvious starting point was the circle, an organic and natural form. A core form symbolising unity, community. We decline it on a meaningful branding.

After that, we produce all the assets for the launch. Kevin & Stephanie wanted their brand to speak our language, to suit our mobile lifestyle. They wanted it be cool, happy, positive, just like they are ! But still elevated…

The asset list was very challenging : packshots, ingredients, texture and product benefits. We decided to call 2 photographs with complementary skills :

• Vincent Gapaillard shot beautiful still life with warm lights, delicate shadows, raw and noble materials (concrete and marble). A natural freshness comes out this photos reflecting the product benefits.

• Callum Toy shot 6 portraits & the ingredients. We were lucky to have 6 talented models, perfectly incarnating the richness and diversity of our target. Each one was associated with a product.

A BTS guy was also there on the set to shoot moment of complicity between the models to feed the future Instagram account for 3 months.

Finally we produce more than 200 digital contents for the launch in the US. Such an exciting project when a concept comes alive… to the core !