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New York Times Advertising

A showcase of the many premium ad experiences New York Times Advertising has to offer.

New York Times Advertising has achieved unprecedented growth in recent years by innovating and expanding upon their industry leading ad experiences and product set. The pace of innovation led to a variety of touchpoints that needed to be holistically pulled together. New York Times Advertising engaged Stink Studios with the mission to consolidate their offerings into a single digital platform that could adapt with the business.

Our goal: to organize and unite the many offerings of New York Times Advertising.

As New York Times Advertising has grown, so too have the number of digital platforms. To help create a more integrated digital experience and present a unified brand, we streamlined the user experience, collapsing multiple websites, including T Brand, the content studio of New York Times Advertising, The New York Times Media Kit and the Self-Service Advertising Portal — into a single digital platform.

This began with a thorough content audit spanning the three NYTA properties and dozens of other digital documents. This large-scale audit allowed us to distill and re-organize the content in a logical and engaging way. That research work enabled us to develop a new site map and a comprehensive set of wireframes which became the basis for our design and development work.

The new website is bold, expressive and dynamic with modern functionality and discerning UX. A core color palette of black and “Flex Gold” balance dynamism and prestige. Pages with dark backgrounds and larger images express who New York Times Advertising is, while the content-rich pages are intentionally lighter to ease in the digestion of more complex content.

The design of the site is structured around a robust set of modules. We methodically built each design module into a component, including all breakpoints and animations. This development strategy helped us streamline production and allowed for accessibility and compliance testing along the way. Both design and code utilize comprehensive systems that enable an optimal user experience in the present, but allow for growth and scale of the site over time.

We’ve created a new digital home for New York Times Advertising that is robust, intuitive and innovative, ultimately providing an experience as premium as NYTA’s offerings.