Pogba x Stormzy


A quickstrike social campaign to announce Manchester United's signing of Paul Pogba to the world.

Football superstar Paul Pogba flaunted his Manchester United colours for the first time in this music video with grime artist Stormzy, creating an online frenzy that made headlines everywhere. Hailed as the first major football player signing to be announced over social media, this campaign saw Stormzy post the video on his social channels before mysteriously removing it after an hour.

The news quickly went viral and stirred speculation worldwide. Lots of remixes were created that extended the longevity of the campaign - three months later it was still being talked about. With over 400 news articles, 3 million shares and 30 million views this was Adidas’ most shared campaign of 2016 making sure that football transfer announcements will never be the same again.


We Are Social, London

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