AICP Show Titles

A timeless show package for one of the biggest awards in advertising.

The AICP Show, The Art & Technique of the American Commercial, is more than just an awards show. Judged by close to 400 advertising and production professionals and assembled by a curatorial panel of prominent industry leaders, it's an ongoing archival project with cultural and artistic significance. The show is preserved in The Museum of Modern Art’s Department of Film’s archives, and is available for use or exhibition by the museum’s curators.

The title sequence references the shapes in the AICP logotype, and is designed in the year’s visual theme, Mondrian, as a nod to the modernist artistic traditions of MoMA, the home of the AICP show and archives.

The 2019 AICP Show was held at MoMA on June 6th. Each of the 23 award category titles has unique motion design and music that abstractly interprets the disciplines in the show and create a visual narrative arc for the audience over the course of the night. The individual category titles' function is to carry the audience through the show, provide a breath between awards, and end on a dynamic frame for all work honored during the night.

Original music composed by Stink Studios' own Ian Watt, forms an extension of the visual theme. The visuals were animated to feel reactive to the gestures heard in the original score.