The Smile Effect

Laif, a supporter of mental health, wanted to create a digital experience that would benefit everyone’s emotional well-being. And as smiling is scientifically proven to make you happier, we decided to start there.

Utilising Google technology to detect smiles through a camera feed, we created The Smile Effect, a new brand, digital hub and widget that delivers discounts in return for a smile.

The widget, which can be embedded on third-party sites, pops up at checkout and invites you to smile for money off your basket.

The hub, which you gain entry by smiling, is full of smile-inducing content and facts about mental health. Smile trackers count the number of smiles we instigate on the hub, and how many smiles we’ve converted into money off.

As smiling is contagious, our ambition is for the widget to be embedded on websites across Germany, allowing store owners to customise the experience to offer money off in return for a smile.

And as every smile captured delivers a delicious drop of dopamine to the user, the world really does get a little bit happier every time someone visits