Casper Sleep Channel


A magical internet slumberland filled with sounds, meditations, and bedtime stories.

America has a sleep problem, and America’s #1 mattress brand, Casper, decided to do something about it.

To help Casper think holistically about all things sleep, we dreamed up a multiplatform experience called ‘Casper Sleep Channel’: Fifteen episodes of bespoke sleep content hosted by a beautifully animated moon, named June, designed to ease each listener into a good night’s sleep.

We created over 225 minutes of sleepy audio for this campaign, with the sole purpose of putting listeners in the right frame of mind to catch some zzz’s. It’s a campaign that never mentions the product, and only exists to solve a problem we all can relate to: finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep.

The episodes are categorized into three distinctly snoozy buckets: Meditations, Readings, and Sounds. We wanted our campaign content to tread that fine line between shareable and engaging, while also being scientifically useful. So, we enlisted sleep experts to ensure that as much as our content was enjoyable, it was also effective at putting people to sleep.

In addition to launching the Sleep Channel on IGTV, we added full episodes to the Casper YouTube channel and introduced audio-only versions as a podcast on Spotify.

Through the Casper Sleep Channel, we hope to communicate the power of sleep by giving people the means to discover it for themselves.