Life Between Islands

Celebrating Caribbean-British culture across London.

Our first brief for Tate after being appointed as their lead creative and strategic agency was to take Tate Britain’s Life Between Islands - an exhibition of British-Caribbean art - outside the gallery walls to attract a diverse new audience.

Given London’s rich Caribbean-British heritage, our idea was simple: highlight the places and spaces of real importance to Caribbean-British culture all over the city.

We invited artists from the exhibition (including Steve McQueen and Grace Wales Bonner), community leaders, and BAME Tate Collective members to tell us their personal stories of the places around London that mean the most to them.

Mirroring the number of artists in the exhibition, we collected over 40 stories from contributors in all. Using a mixture of OOH and non-traditional media, we then posted their stories in the places that they happened - the clubs, the restaurants, the record stores, the markets…

We worked closely with Tate and our contributors to ensure that the campaign felt authentic and truly reflective of Caribbean-British culture in London. By letting their stories dictate where the campaign appeared, Tate was able to speak to a new audience in different Caribbean-British communities all over London - after all, it’s their Life Between Islands.