Share a Coke


The Coca-Cola Storyteller brings to life the highlights of your summer with a unique animated story.

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We started with the question; 'Who are you sharing a Coke with this summer and what are you doing together?'. We then matched user's responses with keywords from a bespoke database of places, events, and activities, which all had associated animations.

These animations were created by illustrators Serge Seidlitz and Ceyln Brazier, who sketched over 800 characters and environments. These were then animated in-house and by the our pals over at I Love Dust.

After experimenting with SVG and Canvas, we used a combination of dynamically generated CSS3 animations together with traditional sprite-sheets to deliver highly optimised animations. Built with HTML5 and Javascript to create a unified experience across desktops, tablets and mobile devices, we utilised GPU accelerated rendering to ensure the smoothest and most energy efficient playback.

At the end of the experience the user was presented with a unique shareable URL for their own animated story.