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A top-to-bottom video scrolling site that uses a 360 degree motion control move to tell the story of one man's personal grooming journey. Works on modern phones and tablets, too.

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Ogilvy, New York, approached us earlier in 2013 with a brief to make a top-to-bottom HTML video scrolling site where users could (ahem) shave a guy from head to toe. We started by doing a simple 3D pre-visualization that gave us a sense of the camera move, and how it the final piece might move between wide and macro shots in the context of the experience.

Then we did hair tests in the office, with a few team members (who shall remain nameless) even going so far as to volunteer their own bodies for the cause. Combined with the pre-vis, those hair tests gave us a sense of how the 3D razors could integrate with the live action materials, and how to best shoot and render the falling hair particles.

On the shoot day, a motion control rig allowed us to entertain the notion of doing a complete 360 around our hero by giving us the means to create repeatable, pre-determined moves in 3D space. From there, it was all about post and development, with our own in-house post team handling everything from the creation of 3D water droplets through to the final edit and grade.



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Ogilvy, New York

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Morgan Harary

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Light of Day

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