Remember Everything

Jason Bourne

Dive into your past and see if your memory is as good as Jason Bourne's.

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Jason Bourne is back. For the launch of the fifth installment of the Bourne film series, we partnered with Darewin and NBC Universal to create an immersive experience that allows users to dive into their own digital past to test their own memories of previous events.

Once visitors authenticate via Facebook and/or Instagram, the experience scrapes old posts to present remnants of previous memories. Users are presented the remnants in the form of a multiple choice question (example: "Which of these four people were you with on April 15th, 2015?"). All memories are further contextualized with Google Street View panoramas of the location from that specific memory.

The results from the quiz are shareable on social media. In its Pick of the Day post about the experience, Creativity Online remarked, "The questions are also pretty hard -- not only do you have to recall where you might have been with, you also have to choose from several locations on a map of the area -- so you might start to have some sympathy with the memory-challenged Bourne."


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