The Stink Studios Brand

Change is in our blood.

Stink Studios began as Stink Digital in late 2008, with five team members sitting around a small table in a London basement. Today, Stink Studios is a global creative company with 150+ staff across four continents.

At the turn of our tenth anniversary, we started work on a new iteration of our brand. The resulting work includes not only a new visual identity and website, but new templates and tools, a new icon, our own typeface, a complete brand book, and company values designed to guide our next decade of creativity.

As evidenced by our use of system fonts like Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Courier, our visual identity strips us down to the fundamentals. The way we use these default elements exposes the way we think and make.

By paring back our look to the bare-bones aesthetics of the early Internet, we call back to our roots in digital culture, create a frame for our work, and hope to reflect a back-to-basics honesty.

In collaboration with Erkin Karamemet of Dinamo and Gregor Maria Sahl, we also created a custom icon font called Stink Dings.

Stink Dings is an homage to our favorite Webdings, Wingdings, and Dingbats typefaces, which are all ancestors of the modern emoji. Our iteration of Dings incorporates bespoke illustrations which reference our industry, work, and studio cultures.

The 100+ icons in Stink Dings can be used in tons of different capacities and contexts. Their versatility opens the door for our global team of creatives to innovate and expand on our brand in unexpected ways.

Stink Dings are functional, too. The typeface utilizes OpenType features to create slash command text inputs that call up characters on the fly. Just like magic. /poof

Our new staff portraits counter the head-in-a-box monotony of working remotely. Without the ability to come together as a group, we took a DIY approach to staff portraiture. We opted for head-to-toe portraits set against a variety of backgrounds to remind each other that there's a whole person (and a whole world) behind what we're used to seeing on video conferencing.

This is our new showreel for 2022. Everything we’ve made since 2008 has been a part of the journey that's taken us to today.

Thank you for visiting our new site. We’re really proud of it, and we have so many new things to share. Have a nose around. Be sure to check out the dark/light toggle, list mode, and the 404 page.

Interested in being a part of this story? If you want to work with us on either side of the table, please say

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