SKYN® - Places of Intimacy


A new way to think about a hotel guide. A new way to test condoms and lubricants.

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30 best places to get intimate around the world. A compilation of destinations curated by GQ Magazine/Condé Nast Traveler, “Places of Intimacy” lives up to its promise- full of first-hand accounts of the most spacious baths, the most resistant curtains, the wildest carpet, or mirrored rooms. This guide is distinct in that each review was written by SKYN® consumers or “intimate travelers” that visited and tested each spot featured in the guide.

Produced first as a book, our mission was to turn the content into an online experience allowing users to take a step further and explore the intimacy of each couple : an immersive peek into 30 sensual stories and the highly-detailed, incredibly specific places that set the stage, to invite consumers to go on a trip and explore intimacy.

We used locks and keys to create transitions between each room and story. The locks allow users to take a glimpse into the next room and tempt their curiosity.

Using parallax, we improved their travel experience by creating a smooth journey through the different destinations. The user can play with the cursor and attempt to see more elements from the scene hidden behind the locks.

Powered by WebGL and HTML DOM, we created immersive animations with incredible performance across all modern devices and SEO-friendly content.


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