Metamask Learn

A digital hub and brand campaign designed to cut through the chaos and teach Web3 - all with a healthy dose of humanity.

Fortune 500 companies, video games, and even the White House — although everyone seems to be getting into the emerging world of Web3, it seems everyone also has their own answer to “what is ‘Web 3’?”

We worked with MetaMask to answer that question once and for all and created an interactive, educational platform along with a set of films driving those curious about Web3 to the site. The goal of MetaMask Learn is to define the terminology, technology, and potential of Web3 without someone needing a degree in Theoretical Computer Science to understand it.

To ground MetaMask and empower users to see themselves in the work, we created an approachable brand universe, spanning a conversational tone of voice and a 3D illustration system based on original characters. This 3D ecosystem was the crux and connection between the Learn site and respective campaign, creating a recognizable brand foundation that can be continuously built upon for the future.

One of the brief’s biggest challenges was to distill all the information into a cohesive learning experience on MetaMask Learn that felt approachable, yet vast enough to explore. To accomplish this, we built “The Web 3 101 Course”, which consisted of 8 lessons ranging in a number of foundational key topics. Each lesson included a respective hands-on simulation, which served as an interactive moment for people to exercise their new found Web-3 knowledge, free of risk. Users could practice signing smart contracts, buying crypto, doing swaps, and joining a DAO without risking any real valuable assets. The site was localized into 10 different languages, ensuring that users all around the world are able to take advantage of the experience and the learning simulations.

To build a campaign that drove users to this digital wealth of information, we took our illustrated characters and made them heroes of three unique animated films. The videos were designed to be relatable, colorful, and bursting with energy with each spot covering a teaser topic (Web3, CryptoWallet and NFTs) in order to grab user attention and drive them to learn more. The 3D animated spots were full of Web3 iconography, MetaMask brand flavor, and lighthearted takes on complex issues. Each resolved in our heroes finding themselves physically in the MetaMask Learn site itself, adding further cohesion between the product and campaign.