The mixtape-maker for the binge-watching generation.

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A mixtape used to be a way for people to express themselves to someone else through a curated collection of songs. Nowadays, we have playlists for music, but there’s no way to express ourselves through our favorite shows and movies (until now). We partnered with Netflix to concept, design, and develop a site that allows users to make mixtape-style playlists and share them with friends, loved ones, and the world.

Visitors to Flixtape are greeted with the option to either explore pre-made mixtapes from Netflix or create their own, starting with just a title. We built a custom natural language processing (NLP) solution to transform any user-generated title into a suggested base playlist of three shows or movies from the Netflix catalog.

Users can fill up their Flixtape playlist by adding more NLP-suggested titles or searching the catalog for something specific. When they’re ready to share, they can customize their Flixtape cover with illustrations to match their playlist.

We created assets for Netflix's social channels to support the launch campaign: in-line silent-play videos for Facebook and animated GIFs for Twitter.

Over 10,000 Flixtapes were created by users in the first weekend after launch.