Women's Race Series


50,000 runners, 1 goal. As part of the largest women’s race series in the world, we created personalised Instagram films for every runner.

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Nike Women’s 10K Race Series is the largest of its kind. We worked with Nike to surprise each runner with a personalised gift: their very own shareable film. Each film brought to life every runner’s experience from start to finish - packed with personalised data to celebrate their 10K achievement.

A whirlwind tour through Western Europe saw us capturing races in Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, London, Berlin and Stockholm. Memorable moments from each course were edited and graded on-site, before being integrated into a bespoke 15 second animation.

Runner names, crew names, and race times were added to each unique film, as well as a personalised portraits that was captured in action using RFID.


Ida Redig

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