Good News

Broadcasting Ocado’s Good News directly to every single customer.

At the end of 2021, we delivered an early Christmas present to 600,000+ Ocado customers in the form of a playful personalised video summarising their year of shopping and how they’ve helped contribute to Ocado’s sustainability mission.

To build on the success of our 2020 end of year campaign, we knew that this year we were going to need help from some new characters to deliver Ocado’s customers their good news. So, we created a “Good News” channel fronted by one of Ocado's van drivers. This year it would be Leon, our charismatic Good News Anchor, who would guide each customer through their headline purchases from the year.

Working closely with our friends at Studio AKA, we took the language of “the news” and really, really ran with it. There were national forecasts, sports coverage, environmental news, and, quite frankly, unintelligible correspondents… We even reimagined Ocado's brand jingle as a news bulletin.

We launched the campaign from a website, which we styled to mimic the style of the tabloids.

To capture people's proud Tweets and reactions to their good news, we created a series of social templates so Ocado could give them an extra shout out.

Leon even popped up on the back of their vans to promote the campaign.

All in all we created 600,000 unique films and 3.5 million social assets in less than 48 hours thanks to our proprietary automation video platform, RITA.

Thank you and goodnight!

  • Studio AKA