Great Choice

Using classic horror tropes during Halloween to inspire better choices.

Everyone knows that people in horror movies make bad choices: “Look at this creepy haunted house, let’s go inside”. The same could be said for people who pay over the odds for their phone contract, inadvertently locking themselves into a bad deal for years and years.

However, with giffgaff, you’re free to choose how much you want to pay for your phone contract, and how long you wish to stay with them. So, this halloween, we worked with giffgaff to create a campaign where characters in horror movie situations make great choices, instead of bad ones.

We always aim to ensure our ideas are tailored specifically to the channels in which they appear. We made the ads unskippable on Facebook and YouTube by introducing cliffhanger moments at the beginning of each film, before revealing the twist of ‘great choice’.

We also created a game specifically for Instagram Stories, using the ‘tap’ feature to move between scenes in the story. The campaign rolled out across social media with custom giphy stickers, social polls and direct message ads to deliver targeted product messages. The ‘great choice’ stickers also appeared on the packaging of giffgaff’s refurbished phones.

We partnered with animation studio Truba to develop characters and animation for each story.

It’s original, funny and as a creative concept works fantastically well in all formats and on all channels — from the website to the game to the stickers to the films. It’s epic!
Layla WestHead of Social & PRGiffgaff
  • Truba