An outdoor campaign celebrating converted Peloton skeptics.

People can sometimes be skeptical about whether Peloton is for them. But those that give it a go tend to quickly become loyal and evangelical members of the Peloton community.

This campaign celebrates real members who started out skeptical but ended up finding something powerful in the Peloton experience. Testimonies are shown side by side, contrasting their initial skepticism with breathless praise just a few months later.

Humour is found in the contrast between the short, sharp, dismissive preconceptions of a Peloton cynic – "overpriced coat rack" and "cult of elitist exercise fanatics" – with their long form gushings post-Peloton reviews.

The campaign was broadcast in prominent outdoor media from Times Square to the World Trade Center, and in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Peloton skeptics, see you on the leaderboard soon.