Give 'em Ragu


A native iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook app allows people to shoot, edit, and describe their film and then get it matched to a custom jingle to create their very own Ragú Long Day of Childhood video.

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For their Long Day of Childhood television campaign for Ragu, Barton F. Graf 9000 created a song structure and a framework that was replicable across a wide range of gags and scenarios. For the interactive extension of the campaign, the agency asked us to create an app that allowed parents to create polished videos of their kids experiencing a long day of their own.

The app worked by asking users to upload original images and videos into a fun-to-use timeline editor and submit a text description of the scenario. Our app's bespoke Natural Language Processing engine would then parse the text description and return one of hundreds of custom-created jingles to set the edit against.

Created in Python, this NLP engine performed a a canonical breakdown of keywords in the description and return a custom lyric to create a] magical music match. Descriptions that weren't hits were reported back to the agency so that Barton F. Graf 9000 could continue to create jingles to fill in the gaps.

Give 'em Ragú comes in iPhone, iPad, Android and Facebook versions. It allows Mom to populate the timeline by either shooting video or images from within the app, or by choosing assets from their local photo gallery, Instagram, or Facebook to use instead.

Once the editor was happy, they could then save their creation to YouTube or Facebook. Using a custom back-end encoder capable of assembling, transcoding, and uploading the new Ragú videos to YouTube or Facebook, we were able to minimize the appearance of "processing" or "uploading" in the app to keep the process fun and engaging throughout.


  • Cannes

    Bronze: Integrated Content Campaign
  • FWA

    Mobile Of The Day
  • One Show

    Integrated Branding Consumer Campaign Silver


Barton F. Graf 9000, New York

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