Guardian Conversations


Take a giant leap with a conversation between two great innovators.

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To showcase the passion and brilliance of SEAT’s top innovators, Guardian Labs set up a series of conversations. For episode one, Christoph Wäller met with extreme skydiver, Felix Baumgartner.

Our expression of this meeting was designed to capture the drive and determination of both speakers with rich audio, supporting media and digressions that allow the listener to go deeper into the pursuit of excellence.

We found an approach that united German engineering and Spanish creative flair. The conversations were arranged to have a chapter structure around key themes but encourage the speakers to discuss, debate and digress.

Single lines trace the conversational flow of each speaker, sketching impressions of their stories and revealing archive photography.

As the conversation becomes more heated, graphic elements inspired by Barcelona’s art scene and the Avinguda Diagonal punctuate the speech and add flourishes.