Never Before Seen

Sony Action Cam

A branded content series showcasing Sony's powerful action camera.

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We worked closely in conjunction with Mori, Inc. to introduce Sony’s Action Cam to the creative class via a branded content series called Never Before Seen.

The majority of the action camera market caters to extreme sports: skydiving, snowboarding, skiing, etc. Instead of playing “me too” in a crowded category, we chose to celebrate other types of creativity by targeting makers instead.

Over the course of an eight month period, we concepted, created and commissioned over 25 films from a diverse range of filmmakers, artists and influencers:

Get Ready (dir. Andrew Huang)

Ranging from crafty experiments and audacious stunts to short documentaries and scripted short stories, the resulting films celebrated creativity in all its forms and used Action Cams to provide unique new perspectives on the production process and the stories themselves.

Many of the films were specifically concepted to emphasize one the Action Cam’s many features, such as the ability to shoot at high framerates or in 4K resolution.

Each week, we released a new film to YouTube and to our dedicated hub site. Each was released with shooting details and behind the scenes content, enabling viewers to get a better sense of exactly how the Action Cam was used in the production process. Many of the films evolved into viral hits, generating millions of plays outside of our own channels.

Each creator promoted their own work to their audiences and the films each took on a life of their own globally, garnering press and attention from the individual networks of each of our influential directors.

The Case Study Film

Picture Machine (dir. Studio Nos)

The Room (dir. Ryan Dzierzek)

TKO (dir. Greg Hackett)

The campaign was viewed over 24 million times across all channels and positioned the Action Cam as the tool of choice for creative expression. One of the films (“TKO”) even won a Gold in the Film Craft category at the 2016 Cannes Lions.


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