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360 billion data points, 12 cities. Strava Insights translates data into meaningful stories.

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In collaboration with Strava, the leading social network for athletes, we created a new platform called Strava Insights, a destination that allows users to analyse and compare cycling and running habits from around the world.

Featuring Strava’s 12 most active cities, the platform provides a visual comparison of commuting data, overall city to city data (who is fastest and who goes the furthest), record-breaking days, and which cities are most active each hour of the day.

The fully responsive platform has been developed and designed to scale as the Strava community continues to grow, with new insights published each week. The front end is completely modular, giving Strava the ability to easily add, remove or reprioritise sections depending on the season or data patterns.

To ensure the back-end behaves consistently even though its data is constantly changing we developed a comprehensive test suite which is checked automatically every time a change is made to the code-base. If the build passes all the automated tests then it's pushed straight to our staging environment, resulting in rapid but confident iteration.


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