I Smoke Weed

A social movement to change the conversation around marijuana use in America.

Despite the fact that almost half of all Americans have used marijuana, cartoonish “stoner” stereotypes are still used to justify harsh drug laws in the US. With medical and recreational marijuana bills on the ballot in eight states, and many more considering loosening their restrictive policies, we partnered with VICELAND to turn the 2016 election into the moment marijuana users from all walks of life come out of the shadows and publicly declare, “I smoke weed.”

Visitors to the mobile-optimized site can publicly announce that they smoke weed, add their photo, tell their story and share their declaration to Twitter and Facebook.

A gallery houses all of the submissions.

Visitors can also read stories from people profiled in VICELAND’s TV campaign.

Traffic was driven to the site through the broadcast spots, as well as digital banners, OOH and social shares.

Cops, teachers, moms, CEOs and many other productive members of society smoke weed. By showing that it’s part of the mainstream, this campaign hopes to remove the stigma around marijuana use and start a more productive conversation.

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