Make Wealth Your Own

A rebrand that gives investing new purpose in life.

The world of financial tech is changing. Access has broadened, and so have attitudes; new finance apps burst onto the scene daily, and a slew of new investors are in the mix. Get-rich-quick-schemes make big news, sending many people to ride the stock market rollercoaster with their hands up and seatbelts off. While people are learning by doing more, the choices they make aren’t always in their own best long term interests.

But what if you could make informed investment decisions consistent with your beliefs and values, effortlessly? Through an ecosystem of products and strategies brought together in one place, Wealthfront’s vision is to make it delightfully easy to build long-term wealth on your own terms.

Wealthfront collaborated with Stink Studios to bring their brand's vision to life through a rearticulated brand strategy, visual identity, campaign, website, app icons, and social media toolkit that together reflect a more empathetic approach towards the purpose of building personal wealth.

For Wealthfront users, wealth looks different: your values and life goals are your most valuable assets that motivate you to save and invest. Wealthfront enables anyone to easily invest in ways that are aligned with their beliefs, and make confident choices by seeing the impact of their decisions on their life goals.

Wealthfront had always visually positioned itself as a more welcoming alternative to the sleek and rigid perspectives in its industry. Recognizing that life and money are deeply interconnected, the new visual identity strikes a balance between personal finance and lived experience.

The new visual identity toolkit the Wealthfront team more tools to tell stories about a type of wealth that gives more to life. The visual identity evolution is anchored by the addition of GT Alpina Light, a "friendly workhorse" with a humanist tone. The serif complements the geometry of the core product type family, Calibre, while acting as a bookish counterpoint to the sans-serif that encourages slower, more considered reading experiences.

A new set of brand illustrations by Mikyung Lee envisions investing as a series of slowly shifting views into the distance. By taking the longer view, with a little help from Wealthfront, growth can be transformational.

Change that happens slowly can bring calm to a tumultuous financial landscape. Cinemagraphic animations that shift slowly capture a soothing passage of time, nodding to Wealthfront's more long-term approach.

A new app icon system for custom cash categories lets users define their savings goals for themselves, no matter what they might be.

These elements all come together into a cohesive story through a redesigned digital experience on the Wealthfront website.

Our campaign film, "French Toast," stands out in today's financial marketplace. Where snake oil—and snake-themed crypto—rules the headlines, Wealthfront stands for a different approach. You can have your french toast and eat it, too.

A range of visual tools and templates help the brand come to life on a daily basis across all of Wealthfront's visual touchpoints. Learn more about personalized, automated, effortless investing and saving built around you and your goals at wealthfront.com.

  • Mikyung Lee
  • Jack Turits
    Director, "French Toast"