WeWork with you


A new global B2B campaign with 3,000+ assets made for every size of business.

Everyone knows WeWork provides beautifully designed coworking spaces. Many people don’t know however, that they also create offices that can quickly expand with the size of your business – whether you’re a fast-growing five-person startup or an international branch of 5,000.

We partnered with WeWork to raise awareness of this offering, creating a campaign that spanned 12 languages, 18 countries, and over 3,000 assets.

We developed a brand new illustrative art-direction for WeWork that allows them to stand-out from their competitors. Inspired by architectural plans, we adapted real 3D models of actual WeWork spaces and transformed these into our advertising.

In order to capture realistic and nuanced character animation, we populated our WeWork spaces using ground breaking motion-capture and rigged models.

Our creative approach meant we could speedily adapt our executions depending on the size of business we were targeting. For example, we could show a five-person deskspace for a young start-up or an entire office floor for a big PLC company.

Each of our executions spoke to a relatable business insight. These ranged from the need to add a few more desks, to setting up an entire HQ building in a country overseas. The campaign endline ‘WeWork with…’ was then tailored to small, medium and large businesses.

Using RITA, Stink Studio’s in-house rendering technology, we were able to localise and translate each of our executions for 18 markets.

In total, we generated over 3,000 campaign assets — including assets tailored to YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and display, all optimized for mobile — all designed to help WeWork stand out and speak to the needs of businesses of any size.