All in the Ohana


A Hawaiian journey 36 years in the making

For the launch of their first store in Hawaii, Uniqlo partnered with Stink Studios to create a campaign that celebrates the Ohanas (families or tight knit friend groups) of Honolulu.

Stink Studios brought the campaign to life through the lens of photographer Taishi Hirokawa, who in 1982 traveled throughout the Japanese countryside photographing everyday people styled in the latest high fashions from Tokyo. The result was the influential book Sonomama Sonomama. Together with Stink Studios, Hirokawa-san created a new Hawaiian interpretation of his iconic fashion project: All in the Ohana.

We produced a photography and documentary film campaign with Hirokawa-san, capturing real Hawaiian Ohanas and exploring the island through their eyes.

By producing both photo and film shoots simultaneously, we captured a suite of assets to support the launch of the store. These assets live in both local and global markets.

Hirokawa-san’s photography honored some of Honolulu’s most celebrated and influential families, at times capturing as many as four generations in a single image.

The campaign is anchored by our four-minute documentary, created entirely in-house, and extends into a series of vignettes around each Ohana. These bespoke cutdown edits from the film went live on social platforms, in-flight, and in-cinema.

The in-store vignettes launched with the grand opening of the Uniqlo flagship store, in Ala Moana, Honolulu on September 28, 2018.