Camo Collection

Beats by Dre

A launch campaign for the Studio³ Camo Collection featuring James Harden & A$AP Ferg.

Beats by Dre came to Stink Studios to launch the new Studio³ Camo Collection. We produced a shoot of stills and video, created art direction of key visuals, custom typography, motion graphics, and a launch film for online, social, and in-store formats — with none other than James Harden and A$AP Ferg as our hero talent.

The campaign brought the idea of “camo vision” to life through the collaboration of film, design, and technology: by programming unique camera movements, procedurally datamoshing footage, and translating static designs into dynamic visual effects.

Check out the film below (best viewed with headphones, of course):

The design language uses product specs and the pixelation of digital camouflage to create custom typography for the collection, and expands into supporting graphics using real Studio³ features, dimensions and more.

Stills and video were shot over 2 days in Los Angeles by Dan Hall at Where It’s Greater. Alongside our photoshoots of Harden and Ferg, we produced a set of supporting imagery for the product launch.

Behind The Scenes

Creatives and developers worked together to write a script to programmatically datamosh our own footage using the technique of i-frame deletion.

We used a motion control arm to choreograph precise camera moves that bridge the gap between 3D product modeling and hero talent photography.

Photographic, datamoshed, thermal and typographic layers come together all within a grid based on the product pattern.


Michael Malowanczyk

  • Creative Direction / Beats by Dre

Tom Kydd

  • Global Music and Culture Marketing Director / Beats by Dre

Gabrielle Sirkin

  • Integrated Producer / Beats by Dre

Dan Hall

  • Photography / Where It's Greater