Browns Fashion


The AR filter that everyone's talking about

In the space of just three years, crystal artist Sara Shakeel has amassed a Million followers on Instagram and collaborated with everyone from Chance the Rapper to luxury retailer Browns Fashion — with whom she created a range of prints and T-shirts. Bestsellers include the crystal kitten hoodie and her signature goldfish motif.

As part of the collaboration with Browns, we created an exclusive Augmented Reality filter for Sara Shakeel on Instagram, called 'Extraordinary', it allows users to cover themselves and their surroundings in sparkling crystals, capturing the imaginations of millions of people worldwide.

The experience was accompanied by events at Browns East and the Browns Flagship store.

The filter has had over 2 Million unique try-ons and over 400 Million impressions. It's been used by countless celebrities, tastemakers, and influencers, garnering exposure in Vogue, Forbes, and The Financial Times.

  • Sara Shakeel