Bullseye's Playground

This in-store Tango experience dropped shoppers into the middle of a 3D, gameified world.

It took a village to bring the many facets of Bullseye’s Playground to life. We worked alongside Google, 72andSunny, and Psyop to create a host of digital ad units as well as a world’s-first virtual reality video game designed for Google’s Project Tango Tablet Development Kit.

Every Target location contained in-store markers that users would search out in order to unlock extras in the WebGL games created by Psyop. In four select stores across the nation (Chicago, Dallas, Minneapolis and Sunnyvale), customers were treated to something extra in the form of the in-store only Bullseye’s Playground experience.

We carefully designed the user experience from start to finish. When guests enter an eligible store, they’re greeted by a physical archway inviting them to borrow a Project Tango tablet and play. After initializing the tablet by pointing it at the arch, users are transported to a virtual game world that’s modeled around the store’s existing layout. Store shelves become thick groves of trees and hulking icy walls. A friendly cast of characters roam the aisles. And with Bullseye as their companion, users explored the transformed store, interacting with various characters, throwing snowballs and finding easter eggs along the way. Project Tango’s advanced sensors and algorithms made it possible to track movement at a 1:1 scale so that every step users take in the store is a step in the game world as well.

Starting with early prototype Project Tango hardware, we developed the game entirely in Unity3D. Throughout the process, we kept in close contact with the Google ATAP team for hardware revisions and software releases. To use Project Tango’s most accurate motion tracking abilities, we also made several trips out to the Target stores to gather ADF location data and gauge the accuracy of our game maps. Our design and animation team built the environment from scratch, and worked round the clock to animate many of the 3D character assets provided by Psyop. The end result? The first ever commercial experience created for Project Tango.