The Other Side

A dual-narrative interactive film that shows there are two sides to every story.

Honda is renowned for its reputation of engineering excellence, technology and reliability. But it’s the brand’s other side, born from a racing heritage and thirst for innovation, that this interactive film heroes.

Showcasing both the Civic and new Civic Type R, the wild child alter-ego of the Civic hatchback, the film unfolds an adrenaline-fuelled dual narrative. One set during the day, the other at night. The daytime story sees a father in his white Civic pick his daughter up from school to drive her to a surprise party. The after dark narrative shows the father’s other side - an undercover cop getaway driving a crew of art thieves to a police sting, in a head-turning red Type R. Whilst they contrast in tone, the two stories mirror each other perfectly in their composition.

The viewer can switch seamlessly between each film by pressing 'R', triggering Honda’s ‘Race Mode’ and throws the viewer into their very own director’s cut to see how each storyline unfolds.

There were also two sides to the technical development, with desktop users being directed to Honda’s YouTube channel while tablet users enjoy the experience on a self-contained HTML5 site.

  • Wood Pencil
  • Graphite Pencil
  • Yellow Pencil