Six Customizer


An iOS and Android native application that enables users to customize their dream car.

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Built entirely in Unity and available in iOS and Android, the Camaro SIX customizer app allows users to choose their base model and select different exterior and interior elements based on thousands of real life combination options. Once customizations are complete, the user’s unique Camaro can be saved to their phone or shared across social networks.

The customizer function of the app also includes a VR function for Google Cardboard that takes users right into the interior of the Camaro. An accompanying interactive catalogue allows users to explore the new changes to the model in greater detail.

In order to share each user's customized Camaro outside of the application, we developed a WebGL site that rebuilds a 360 view of the user’s vehicle. This environment is an exact copy of what was designed in the app. While there are no customization options, the interior and exterior of the vehicle are viewable from almost any angle. This experience is nearly identical on desktop and mobile browsers.

Partnering with Nathan Love

The app needed a powerful introduction, something visually stunning that set the look and tone for the experience. We conceptualized several variations on the animation, created mood films and style references. Once we landed on something we all liked, we partnered with Aardman Nathan Love to create a fully CG intro video, highlighting the different aspects of Camaro’s new design. Throughout production, we worked closely to make sure every piece matched up with the app experience, including a beautifully crafted environment for the customizer.


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