Sleep That Stands Out

Helping the world’s favorite sleep brand stand out in a crowded category.

Casper originated the mattress-in-a-box business that changed how many consumers think about sleep. But it wasn't long after that before the market was suddenly flush with competitors all clamoring over each other to build share.

Adding to the noise was the fact that the mattress market was beseiged with fake reviews, affiliate marketing schemes, and opinion pieces of dubious origin. For our first campaign engagement, Casper asked us to concept a social media campaign that elevated the reviews and recommendations conversation to a different place. Our task with that assignment was to find a source of information that was not only reliable and trustworthy, but entertaining and attention-grabbing. You know who won’t ever lie to you? Baby animals.

Boasting over 30 cutdowns featuring many individual animals as well as a variety of different supercuts, the ensuing campaign — titled "Baby Animals" — was built for maximum impact, testability, and performance on all social channels.

On launch, the campaign generated a 9.5x lift in engagement, a 6x lift in social-driven site traffic, and a 20% lift in conversion. Our animals performed so well, in fact, that they earned themselves a broadcast run (which is still ongoing) as well as two more sets of spots featuring new, even fluffier, talent. "Animals 2.0" also featured another 30+ cutdowns for social.

Our next campaign focused on Casper's impressive collection of 40,000 5-star reviews. Our challenge here was to find a way to illustrate this achievement with art and craft, and to show the scale of the reviews without ever losing the humanity of a face-to-face recommendation. For this campaign — titled "40,000" — we worked across Casper’s entire line of products, ranging from mattresses to duvets to Glow Lights, to bring the massive world of Casper sleepers to life in an eye-catching display of choreography.

Finally, Casper has always thought of itself as a sleep company rather than a mattress company. For the 2019 holidays, we were lucky enough to create a small and humble brand film to underline that very fact. The resulting spot - titled "Bedhead" - is a mixed-media collage set to an original poem that celebrates the joys of a great night's sleep. Like the campaigns before it, "Bedhead" ultimately ran across both social and broadcast channels. Our work with Casper continues. 🛌