Find That Thing

A campaign that celebrates the indescribable things you can find when you search what you see.

Gen Z is increasingly turning to social media for discovery and news. But this younger audience doesn’t always type in keywords, but rather looks to discover content in new, more immersive ways. Lens is one of Google’s most innovative products: image recognition technology, designed to return real-time information related to objects it identifies in the real world. So how can we get Gen Z excited by the magic of searching with visuals?

We worked with Google Creative Lab to develop Find That Thing; a campaign to position Google Lens as the “new way to Search” for everyday things. The new product aims to shift the perception in younger audiences that Google Search is not only a reliable and trusted place to seek information, but also a product that continues to offer the most helpful innovation.

Director LOOSE (Stink Rising) developed a series of film content that brings together young people going about their everyday lives using Google Lens. Casting real people in real locations wearing their own clothes, the content is all shot from the perspective of somebody using Google Lens to search for things they find interesting.

We created hundreds of tactical ads that celebrate the unique and indescribable things you can find when you search what you see.

The concept and creative insights are based on in-depth qualitative, quantitative and ethnography research, helping us to better understand the Gen Z audience, how they feel about Google Lens, and the ways that it can play a meaningful role in their lives.

Check out Google Lens for yourself in the Google app.