Plum Guide

Plum Guide

A campaign to remind people to book their holidays wisely

Without the budgets and brand fame of their more established competitors, Plum Guide came to Stink Studios to create a disruptive brand campaign to get them noticed and land what makes them unique.

The campaign introduces our new tagline, ‘No Time for Average Stays’, inspired by the multi-stage vetting process and meticulous attention to detail that is applied to every property on their platform. Vetted by experts so only the world’s very best holiday homes are listed, meaning whichever property you book, you’re never going to be let down.

When the campaign was due to drop, the world was just dusting itself off from the lockdowns and travel restrictions of the pandemic. Time (or, rather, lack of it) was a pressing concern to all of us. We wanted to create some urgency in people - there’s no time to mess about with average holidays. Book a Plum Guide property for a guaranteed great stay.

Since its launch, Plum Guide has continued to extend our brand platform into new spaces including the website experience, social media and experiential stunts.