Bug Hunters

A new Google platform to keep the internet safe and secure.

Google’s Vulnerability Reward Program was a first-of-its-kind initiative to incentivize developers and engineers to report bugs in Google code. Over the last 10 years, the program has issued almost $30M in rewards while helping to keep the internet safe and secure.

We were appointed as an official partner for the Google Security team and were asked to reimagine and rebuild the platform from the ground up, focussing on the community, and making the platform more user-friendly.

We designed a new logo and identity for the program — inspired by coding terminals and fighter pilot head up displays – to sit alongside Google’s existing logo identities.

As part of the rebrand, we also developed a suite of illustrations and animations that are used throughout the site; visual flourishes that nod to programming culture.

Every bug that’s successfully reported is given its own bespoke bug visualization.

We created a generative design system that produces a unique visual identity for every bug that's successfully reported. The design system relates to the Google platform, category, and severity of the issue.

These bugs become badges of honour for Security Researchers, and are proudly displayed on a user’s profile.

Bug Hunting is highly competitive with the aim of trying to find the most complex bugs, so we developed a leaderboard to highlight the Security Researchers on the platform.