Google Cloud

Google Cloud On Tour

A suite of installations that brings the power of Google Cloud to life.

Google Cloud makes the tools that power Google's own business available to everyone. From artificial intelligence to machine vision, it makes revolutionary technologies available on demand to organizations of any size.

As an agency partner for three years running, we were asked to conceive and build a series of interactive demos for an invite-only event for some of the world’s top C-suite executives. Hosted at Milk Studios, one of New York’s premier event spaces, the goal was to illustrate how Fortune 500 businesses can push the limits of what’s possible using Google Cloud technology.

G Suite is one of the most tangible examples of how Google Cloud supports collaboration and efficiency. We brought that proposition to life by inviting guests to follow the journey of an idea as it’s born, developed by a far-flung team and launched into the world.

Illustrated and animated entirely in-house, this Rube Goldberg-inspired visual story shows how easily teams can turn a rough idea into an executive pitch. Playing out over multiple synchronized screens, guests got to kick off ideation in the beginning by choosing three topics from a Jamboard, follow the workflow from Docs to Slides to Sheets, and then tap “send” at the end to launch the idea into the world.

In the next room, guests encountered an interactive art gallery where they could find their doppelgänger in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection using machine vision.

Using Google Cloud’s Big Query, a serverless, scalable, low cost enterprise data warehouse, and the machine learning powered Vision API that helps systems understand the content of images, we turned a simple Logitech webcam into a magical moment. Guests walked away from the experience with a printed card of their results, as well as a deeper understanding of how Google Cloud can master complicated data sets.

The final room let guests become data and compare the speeds of Google’s standard and premium networks.

Using Kinect sensors and a glowing particle system rendered with Unity, we showed how data flows faster and more smoothly through Google’s global private fiber network, offering huge business advantages. The particles tracked with each guest’s movement and automatically flowed to the nearest access point.

Our longstanding partnership with Google Cloud allowed our teams to translate their complex technology into simple and approachable installations. None of the three demos exceeded the two minute mark, and each had a unique look and feel that drew the audience in and held their attention. Look for them at future Google Cloud events around the world.