A space for fresh perspectives exploring the world of LGBTQIA+ dating.

NFAQ is a new dating resource from Hinge dedicated to providing a platform for LGBTQIA+ daters to answer the questions not talked about enough. NFAQ, or Not-so Frequently Asked Questions, was launched in close collaboration with Stink Studios to establish the voice, positioning and identity of the community-driven initative spanning social, digital, OOH and the hinge.NFAQ.co microsite.

After 1-week post-launch, the Hinge.NFAQ.co microsite reached 46K+ visits and a combined 1.12M video views across influencer content on TikTok and Instagram.

80% of LGBTQIA+ users on Hinge report that they struggle to find resources to help with dating. In response, the NFAQ campaign is devoted to getting the conversation started by bringing together real voices from the LGBTQIA+ dating community. Leading up to the campaign launch, we worked closely with Hinge to discover our NFAQ daters and facilitate conversations to get their unique take on the topics and questions not discussed enough.

Rooted in intimacy and honest connection, the NFAQ campaign identity is designed to clear the slate on dating expectations and place real voices from the LGBTQIA+ community front and center. The campaign’s use of white space, dynamic type layouts and self-shot portraits result in copy driven compositions that challenge the usual experience of online dating.

While the answers don’t always come easy, NFAQ brings together six respondents to tackle the wide variety of challenges that dating in the LGBTQIA+ community can present. The Not-So Frequently Asked responses are showcased in a single microsite resource where daters can find answers and get to know the NFAQ respondents with profiles and links to social. Most notably, the site engages new daters directly by providing an opportunity to ask their own questions.

During the campaign launch, the NFAQ community took to their social channels to share their involvment and encourage their followers to hear their full responses at the hinge.NFAQ.co microsite.

Finally, we provided our partners at Hinge with a robust toolkit designed with the intention of the NFAQ platform continuing to grow and scale into the future with more questions and responses.