Hyperscience Rebrand

A rebrand that celebrates the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines

Hyperscience is a fast-growing automation company with ambitious plans. At the start of 2022, they approached Stink Studios to develop a new brand narrative and visual identity more aligned to its growth stage.

Early on, we realised that Hyperscience’s human-centred approach to automation sets it apart in the market. In order to differentiate them from off-the-shelf competitors, our new positioning celebrates the business and societal impact of Human-in-the-Loop automated processing.

The new Hyperscience visual identity reflects the need for a mutual symbiosis between humans and machines. We delivered a bold, instantly recognisable and flexible system that speaks to the binary machine world, and the organic human world, in equal measure.

The updated colour palette allows Hyperscience to be warm (human) and dynamic (machine) while providing the flexibility to be toned down or more expressive, depending on the touchpoint and context in which it appears.

Gotham was chosen as the lead font because it has tons of character. It simultaneously feels both grown-up and cool, and the combination of geometric and optical details is a design nod back to our core concept of geometric (machine) and optical (human) shapes.

Our distinct range of illustrations is built on the duality of our identity. Circle and ink motifs (humans) work harmoniously with square and pixel motifs (machines) across 32 different icons that represent the sectors, technologies and processes of Hyperscience’s world.

Motion design and 3D elements enrich the narrative and bring to life the symbiosis of shape families, squares/pixels and circles/ink, to further enhance the look and feel across multi-media formats.

The duality in our visual language is weaved throughout the Hyperscience identity –  from the foundations to the illustrations to 3D elements and motion design – to reinforce brand association and highlight the unique human-in-the-loop approach of Hyperscience. They are a set of elements that come together to create something that is instantly recognisable as Hyperscience.