Hyundai Artlab

Connecting Through Art

A complete social and web experience for Artlab at Hyundai Motor Company.

This case study includes images and video of Hyundai Artlab’s web and social channels, as well as the associated artist and museum imagery that are cleared for use within Hyundai Motor Company’s channels. Stink Studios claims no ownership over the original works of artists and museum partners, and these works are featured solely due to the context of our partnership with Hyundai Motor Company.

Hyundai Motor Company has a longstanding commitment to supporting arts through partnerships with organizations and institutions such as MMCA, Tate, LACMA, Rhizome, and Bloomberg.

We worked with Artlab for a year to create a digital presence (encompassing a visual language for their website and social) that encourages discovery and expands awareness of the many programs Hyundai Artlab supports.

For the visual language work, we developed a creative visual identity with a complex gradient system that nods to art, its value and the connections it can create.

On social, our content spanned education, entertainment, and inspiration. Through a combination of paid and organic media, we raised awareness of Hyundai Artlab’s partnerships and projects and built up a new global audience of art lovers.

The Hyundai Artlab website is both a central hub and living archive for all of its programs including exhibitions, commissions, research, and more. Visitors can discover art and new ideas through the website’s intuitive UX and playful usage of interactive gradients.